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Our Scientists

  • Dr. Zhu Li

    Associate Professor

    State Key Laboratory of Rice Biology

    China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI)

    Address: No. 359, Tiyuchang Rd., Hangzhou 310006, P.R. China

    Phone: +86-571-63370179

    Fax: +86-571-63370389



Education Background


Zhu Li, a plant geneticist, received her BSc and MSc degree in Agronomy (2001), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2004) from the Shanxi Agriculture University, China respectively and her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2007) from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), China.


Research Area


Rice functional genomics: Molecular mechanisms of uppermost internode development, leaf color development, and auxin biosynthesis in rice.


Genetic Modification of Rice: Genetically Modified rice in salt tolerance and herbicide resistance;Genes Pyramiding of High Yield and High Grain Quality.

    1. Publications

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