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  • Dr. Guo Longbiao


    State Key Laboratory of Rice Biology

    China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI)

    Address: No. 359, Tiyuchang Rd., Hangzhou 310006, P.R. China

    Phone: +86-571-63370537

    Fax: +86-571-63370389



Education Background


Guo Longbiao, a rice molecular biologist, received his BSc degree (1986) in Agronomy from Zhejiang Agricultural University, China, his MS degree in Genetics & Breeding (1998) from Zhejiang University, China, and his PhD in Genetics (2005) from Zhejiang University, China.


Research Area


He is the leader of Rice Germplasm Innovation Research Team of CNRRI. He has been engaged in rice genetic materials creation, molecular mechanism dissection of important agronomy traits, and molecular application in CNRRI since 1986. He has created hundreds of accessions of rice mutants, especially in yield related traits and nitrogen efficient utilization, and cooperatively cloned 10 rice functional genes including OsPTF1, BC10, and GHD10. He is cooperating with IRRI to construct a molecular-design breeding platform using a series of increasing-yield genes cloned and genome haplotype blocks. He has published more than 100 scientific papers.

    1. Publications

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