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Since China National Rice Research Institute(CNRRI) was established in 1981, it has built up bonds of cooperation with various companies, organizations and countries, conducting cooperation researches in the areas of Rice Biotechnology, Genetics and Breeding, Agricultural Cultivation, Variety Resources, etc. Till now, CNRRI has hosted 87 international cooperation projects with the amount up to ¥20 million, including 6 national key international cooperation projects and 16 provincial-level international cooperation projects. It has received more than 500 delegations (roughly more than 1200 person ) form different countries, sent above 900 scholars to attend international academic conferences, training, visiting and exchanges. 16 international conferences, seminars and symposiums have been hosted by CNRRI, as well as different types of training programs, such as Hybrid Rice Breeding, Rice Anther Cultivation, Rice Quality and Nutrition Study, which have all attracted trainees from Vietnam, Pakistan, North Korea, Tanzania and etc. Invited by international organizations and foreign companies, experts from CNRRI went abroad to participate in trainings like High Quality Rice Breeding, Rice Molecular Biology Technology, High Quality Rice Cropping and Hybrid Rice Seed Production.


Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, China-IRRI Joint Research Center on Rice Quality and Nutrition was found in 2005 with the efforts of CNRRI and IRRI. Since then, more experts from CNRRI have been participating in international communications and consultations. 5 CNRRI experts serve as counselor for International Atomic Energy Agency, International Rice Commission, International Hybrid Rice Alliance and Korean Rural Development Administration. One CNRRI expert serves as the editorial board member of Breeding Science.


Through international cooperation, recruiting domestic and overseas experts, introducing foreign germplasm resources and advanced technologies, outstanding accomplishments have been achieved in CNRRI. It has won a series of honors, including China National Award for Natural Sciences, China National Award for Technological Invention, China National Award for Progress in Science and Technology. Its cooperative research findings have been published on international top-level magazines. The annual application area of CNRRI’s scientific achievements reaches 10 million ha. In 2001, CNRRI was approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs as a demonstration base for China Super Rice Cultivation & Production and China Super Rice Cultivation & Production Integrated Technology. In 2009, CNRRI was awarded by the Ministry of Science & Technology as a national level International Cooperation Base. In 2013, CNRRI was named as the National Foreign Intelligence Introducing Unit by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs.

International Cooperation
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