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Approved by China’s Ministry of Agriculture, CNRRI (China National Rice Research Institute) and IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) cofounded the China-IRRI Joint Research Center on Rice Quality and Nutrition in 2005. The JRC, with a 20 person’s research team and advanced rice quality research equipment, has been working on researches on rice quality analysis, resistant starch, rice quality related map-based cloning and utilization, and nutrient-rich rice. For better construction of the JRC, IRRI provides its technical support and expertise, as well as trainings and joint research projects for Chinese scientists.

China-IRRI Joint Research Center on Rice Quality and Nutrition offers services on rice quality and nutrition analysis and hosts trainings for scientists from both China and IRRI. The center is also in charge of hosting conferences and seminars in the related fields, constructing the technical exchange platform and carry out in-depth communication and cooperation with other domestic and international research institutes. Its international influence and popularity have been on the rise.

At present, JRC’s High-efficient Rice Quality Evaluation System is being widely used throughout the world. Two training courses have been successfully held for 57 overseas trainees and 102 Chinese technical personnel. A number of research institutes and scientists are cooperating with the JRC for comprehensive scientific research, such as Li Jiayang and Han Bing, who published papers on PNAS in 2009 and Nature Genetics in 2010 respectively, the rice quality research part of their papers was conducted in the center’s Technology Qualification Platform.

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