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Research and Development Center of Rice Cropping Technology

The Research and Development Center of Rice Cropping Technology (RDCRCT) was established based on a combination of departments of agronomy, plant physiology, plant protection, soil science and fertilization, and agricultural engineering. Presently, the Center consists of research groups on physiology and technology of high-yielding rice, rice ecology, resource utilization, stress physiology, disease, insect and weed control, ecology of transgenic rice, and mechanization of rice cropping. The professional core of the Center consists of 31 staff members with 5 professors, 11 associate professors, 12 assistant professors and 3 technicians. There are 3 PhD supervisor and 5 MS supervisors and 11 scientists with PhD degrees and 14 scientists with MS degrees.

The mission of the center is to analyze demands and development trends of rice cropping technology in China and abroad, to raise rice yield and improve the profitability of rice cropping, to raise resource use efficiency, to improve the environment for sustainable rice cropping, and to promote the level of rice cropping technology through the modern technology transfer.

The basic facilities and equipment were established for rice physiology, ecology, cultivation, resource utilization, biotic stresses, disease, insect and weed evaluation, and mechanization of rice cropping. Experimental and demonstration sites were built in various rice ecosystems in China to strengthen multiple cooperation between regions and institutions.

The center has engaged in extensive international cooperation. Cooperative arrangements were established with Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, DPR Korea, India, America, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, FAO and IRRI, etc. As rice specialists for FAO, other international organizations and various countries, scientists from the Center give consultation and guidance for rice research and cropping outside China. The Center also organizes relevant international and domestic meetings on rice.

The Center has made great achievements and progress in research and application of technology Several rice growth regulators and compounds of pesticides were developed for rice cropping. A series of practical techniques including high-yielding cultivation, water-saving, pest and weed control, rice-based cropping systems, including duck-rice cropping, were developed and released. These achievements and their application promote the progress of rice cropping technology.


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Professor Jin Qianyu

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