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Rice Science and Technology Information Center

Rice Science &Technology Information Center focuses on management and dissemination of rice science & technology information, compiling and publishing academic journals of both Chinese and English editions including Chinese Journal of Rice Science, Rice Science (SCI-indexed) and Rice in China. Besides, the center has successively established a series of websites including China Rice Information ( and China National Rice Data Center(




1. Innovation of Farmers Concurrently Dealing with Other Small-scale Business System and Science & Technology Progress;

2. Adjustment and Optimization of Agricultural Structure in Flood Areas;

3. Macroeconomic Studies on Rice Industry;

4. Genotype-Environment Interaction Analysis of Multi-Environments Experimental Data;

5. Studies on Integrative Evaluation Method of Rice Varieties.




• Structural adjustment of food supply, supply and demand balance of food, role of farmers concurrently dealing with other small-scale business in agricultural modernization and industrialization in rural areas, process of urbanization;

• Studieson possible areas of China's rice industry, where breakthroughs can be made in the 21st century;

• Observationson reasonable prices of paddy obtained from different rice-cropping systems as well as farmers' incomes;

• Investigations, analyses and studies on rice farmers, dissemination of good varieties and food economics.




For more information, contact

Professor Wang Lei

Phone: +86-571-63372750

Fax: +86-571-63370585


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