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Rice Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Testing Center

Warranted by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and certified by National Computation Commission(NCC), Rice Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Testing Center (RPQISTC) is a legal, exclusive quality inspection & supervision and testing institution concentrating on rice varieties, grains, rice products, rice seeds and pesticide residue testing of produces. RPQISTC has four testing labs focusing on seeds, rice grains, rice products and pesticide residue, respectively, the Division of Technology and Information and the Administration Office. There are 18 high and middle-level scientists & technicians in the center.

Main responsibilities of RPQISTC include rice quality inspection & supervision and testing of rice seeds and products, constitution, amendment and experimental validation of relational standards, R & D of detection techniques and development of value-added rice products, etc. As the rice quality inspection and supervision institution of MOA, RPQISTC bears the mission of detecting, analyzing and evaluating rice grain quality relative characters of rice samples gathered throughout China’s rice-growing areas.

RPQISTC casts particular attention on latest research advances in rice grain quality and sends visiting scholars to IRRI and rice research institution based in countries including Japan, Thailand, South Korea and USA, receiving on-the-job training so as to polish their skills and know-how. In addition, RPQISTC has carried out numerous collaboration projects with international companies. RPQISTC functions to be a training organization, providing training services and disseminating knowledge concerning rice grain quality detection for technicians and visiting scientists from Southeast Asian countries.


For more information, contact

Professor Zhu Zhiwei

Phone: +86-571-63370383

Fax: +86-571-63370383


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