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CNRRI reached MOU with Indonesia West Java Province

September 26th, 2014

On September 24th, CNRRI reached an MOU with its Indonesian partner, the Food Crops Production Agency of West Java Province. The two sides agreed to strengthen scientific and technical cooperation in hybrid rice breeding and research.

According to the MOU, a joint S&T program, named Hybrid Rice Development Program will be launched between the two sides. CNRRI shall provide technical assistance and expertise, as well as conduct trainings and formulate a series of preferential policies while the Food Crops Production Agency of West Java Province shall be in charge of the overall planning, provide funding and labor for the program and supervise its implementation.

"West Java Province is one of the most important rice production centers in Indonesia”, as Deputy Director General Hu Peisong says, "The MOU, marking a new milestone in the bilateral cooperation in this field, will play a very important role in promoting hybrid rice breeding and research in both countries".

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