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International Students in CNRRI Express Anti-Epidemic Confidence

March 4th, 2020

On 23 February, Student Management and Logistics Support Working Groups led by CNRRI Deputy Director General Prof. Qian Qian sent to International Student Apartment abundant living materials, which include rice, milk, oil, wheat flour, vegetables and fruits of various colors, etc. Prof. Qian Qian talked with students about their everyday situation, urging them to raise self-protection awareness during home quarantine, and to make the most of this period to read literature, learn Chinese and prepare for scientific research in the next stage. International students expressed their gratitute for CNRRI’s effort, saying they are optimistic and confident that China will win the anti-epidemic battle finally.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year of Mouse, the unexpected outbreak of the noval coronavirus has disrupted life and work of people from all walks of life in China and has also caused a series of impact on the life and learning of international students in CNRRI. Neverthless, students fully believe that government and people of China will eventually win the battle against the virus. On New Year’s Eve, more than 20 students from 13 countries sent sincere blessing in the wechat group. “Come on! China! Come on! Wuhan”, “China never leaves us alone.

In order to timely carry out work related to epidemic prevention and control for international students, Student Management Working Group led by CNRRI’s Leading Group on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia was quickly set up. Students were required by the working group to stay under home quarantine inside their apartment. Visitors were not allowed to enter the apartment.

In order to relieve the worries and anxieties of international students, CNRRI has actively publicized knowledge on epidemic prevention and control, timely updated the latest epidemic progress, and detailedly conveyed instructions and regulations from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Government at all levels and the Institute. In the meantime, CNRRI has recorded each international student’s everyday health.

Impressed by the effort made by Chinese government and people against the virus, international students were confident that the novel coronavirus will be defeated. “The preventation method taken by Chinese government was very amazing and the commitment of medical staffs will be remembered for the future as heroes.” Workie Anley Zegeye from Ethiopia said. “I feel as I am in my own home in China. Chinese government left no stone unturned to ensure the health security of Chinese and foreigners alike. Chinese Government, Doctors, Nurses, Police and Volunteers have contributed far beyond their duties to winning the battle againt virus, which showed their immense love to their country.” Adil Abbas from Pakistan said.

Students also expressed gratitute for what the Institute has done during the epidemic. “I am really impressed by the Chinese governments and local government’s prevention measures. In my opinion up till now China has been very transparent with every detail regarding the epidemic. I feel very safe and protected by the management and service of CNRRI during the epidemic. The good side is I am learning Chinese cooking online.” Jane Sadhna Jagernath from Surinam said. “Thanks is given to CNRRI for the great mental support to international students studying here. They took prevention measures as early as possible. As a result, all CNRRI foreign students are fine and in sound health.” Md Anowerul Islam from Bangladesh said.

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