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Trust in China, it will never leave you alone

March 4th, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan and other cities in China, Chinese government took extraordinary measures to fight against the epidemic. Every Chinese kept the nerves and stood in unity in compliance with their Government’s policies. The whole nation had the only one slogan around the corner "zhongguo Jiayou 中国加油" "Wuhan Jiayou 武汉加油". Many volunteers were on the frontline in this war against the common enemy, many of them sacrificed their lives but never surrendered. This was the kind of passion which was required in this battlefield and Chinese do have. Chinese Government, Doctors, Nurses, Police and Volunteers have changed the course of history by writing some golden chapters. They did it far beyond their duties which showed their immense love to their country. There was strong co-ordination between Chinese central and provincial governments to eliminate this evil.

It was imperative to stop the virus from further spreading and China did it successfully by halting all the activities within and between the cities throughout the country. The construction of make-shift hospitals was an exemplary milestone achieved within no time, highlighting true reflection of commitment, dedication, seriousness and potential of Chinese Government which was ultimate need of time. I do believe that China is the only country which can make a complete shutdown call, entire lockdown and suspend all life activities to contain the virus spread and save the invaluable lives. Chinese government left no stone unturned to ensure the health security of Chinese and the foreigners alike. Non-Chinese feel safer in China. I have experienced personally.

The health security of international students in different parts of China has been ensured in every possible way. Throughout this epidemic, I have been in my Institute, China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI), Fuyang, Hangzhou. The International Education Office (IEO), CNRRI leaders, Supervisors, Research leaders and logistic department always expressed particular concern for our smooth and safe living over here. Not even a single day went by when we were not contacted by IEO and CNRRI leaders. Very special, effective and outstanding efforts and immediate management by my respected supervisor Professor Dr. Cao Liyong and Head of CNRRI’s IEO Professor Dr. Luo Ju, were incredible.

In order to make sure extra safety, the food was supplied for free to all the international students in their dormitories. This action left a great impression on me and made me realize as I am in my own home. This impression took me back to March 20, 2017. It was my very first day in Chinese language learning class in Beijing. My respected Teacher Professor Dr. Pan Dongfang asked me “how do you feel in China?” I said” I feel as I am in my own home”. The morning of February 23, 2020, made my feelings come true when I found Academician Professor Dr. Qian Qian, My respected supervisor Professor Dr. Cao Liyong, Head of IEO Professor Dr. Luo Ju and members of logistic department outside our dormitory carrying food for students.

In order to take effective preventive measures, we have been staying inside our rooms during COVID-19 outbreak. We utilized this time in reading scientific material, writing research articles and learning some Chinese. We do hope that this learning be very helpful when we will resume our research activities. After the epidemic will be over, we will complete the remaining part of our experiment and get the data published as soon as possible for graduation.

China knows how to deal with such abrupt disaster and Chinese people know how to emerge through such crises because Chinese are self-made nation. Although, their hearts are bleeding, eyes shedding into tears for their beloved ones who left them forever but they are still fighting boldly from the front for a greater cause. The day is not far when the sun of happiness will rise from the horizon of Wuhan and we will cheer up together in an ardent way. This menace (COVID-19) has made them even stronger and their flawless actions proved that Chinese are invincible nation. Very few nations are able to set such historical examples.

I do believe that China is quite capable of combating and winning the war against this outbreak. Best wishes for this amazing country and nation. We will have good NEWS very soon.

PhD Student
China National Rice Research Institute, CAAS

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