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CNRRI hosts National Rice Industry Technology Development Seminar

September 18th, 2014

During Sep.12th – Sep.14th, National Rice Industry Technology Development Seminar was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The seminar was sponsored by China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI) and jointly organized by Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, Hunan Academy of Agricultural sciences and Hunan Agricultural University. Dr. Cheng Shihua, Director General of CNRRI, Chief Scientist of National Rice Industrial Technology System and head of MOA Super Rice Expert Group, along with over 200 experts and scientists including Academician Yuan Longping, Xie Huaan, Zhu Yingguo, attended the seminar.

The seminar, now in its sixth year, has been playing an essential part of the nation’s academic exchanges on rice. Yuan Longping - Father of Hybrid Rice – was invited to give a report under the theme of “Present Situation and Outlook of Super Hybrid Rice Breeding”, of which Yuan reviewed the history of China’s super rice and looked into the future of the country’s super hybrid rice development. “High yield can ensure China’s food security. What we need is the promotion of super rice, so as to achieve our goal – China rice average yield 450 kg/mu”, said Dr. Yuan.

Concentrating on hot issues of rice, academic reports and presentations which focused on Rice Breeding, Rice Cultivation Technology, Environmental Pollution and Rice Industrial Economy , have been made during the seminar. Scientists from different research organizations expressed their own views. For example, Dr. Hu Peisong, Deputy Director of CNRRI, pointed out the heavy metal pollution issue of China, indicating rice technology should serve the need for secured industrial development. Mr. Li Yongchao, Director General of Hunan Rice Research Institute, put the emphasis on good quality rice, since the improving of people’s wellbeing raises the demand for rice quality.

Dr. Cheng Shihua delivered the closing speech. On behalf of the seminar sponsor and organizers, Cheng exerted gratitude to all working staff and participants coming to the seminar, particularly the experts who addressed the excellent reports, which gave us a better understanding of the industry, broadened our horizon and showed us the right direction. Cheng spoke highly of this year’s seminar, with rich content and wide coverage benefiting all participants. He also pointed out there were still daunting tasks facing us, including rice profit drops, increasing import of low price rice from Southeast Asia and the expansion of rice price gap between China and abroad, etc. “I suggest we strengthen our cooperation and technical service, address the difficulties and contribute more to the rice industry!”

During the seminar, participants paid field trips and investigated the newly-released varieties and technologies, such as completely mechanical production technology of double cropping rice and high yield and high efficiency cultivation technology of good quality varieties.

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