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CNRRI Scientists Pay a Visit to Venezuela

June 11st, 2015

At the invitation of National Rural Development Institution of Venezuela, six CNRRI scientists, headed by Deputy Director General Li Ximing, visited Venezuela from May 25th to June 6th. The purpose of the visit is to verify the feasibility of rice cropping in Orinoco Delta, Venezuela through site investigation, sampling analysis and comprehensive research.

CNRRI scientists conducted research and studies on the ecological conditions of Orinoco Delta. Preliminary sampling analyses were made in certain representative areas. The delegation also visited Guarico (the main rice production area of Venezuela) to investigate local rice production. The Agricultural Department of Orinoco Delta, Agricultural Research Institute (Guarico), State Rural Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land held meetings with CNRRI experts. Both sides exchanged views and ideas on the feasibility of rice cropping and rice R&D conditions of Orinoco Delta and had fruitful discussions on enhancing scientific and technological cooperation in the future.

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