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CNRRI Held Chinese Culture Experiencing Activity for International students

February 21st, 2019

On 1 February 2019, the Chinese Culture Experiencing Activity for International students on the theme of Perceive China’s Change through Ancient Town and Modern Village was held by China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI). Participators include international students/researchers from African, Asian and Latin American countries, their family members, CNRRI Deputy Director General HU Peisong, representatives of supervisors, and relevant management personnel.

The activity, containing four major parts including Three Kingdoms and Chinese Culture, Historical Site Roam, Local Flavor & Spring Festival Customs and New-style Residences Visit, aims to help international students better understand Chinese traditional culture and rural development in China. Students visited Longmen ancient town and Dongziguan village in Fuyang Hangzhou. In Longmen town, the hometown of the famous warlord Sun Quan during the Three Kingdoms period, students marveled at the supremly elegant ancient Chinese architecture and splendid Chinese traditional culture. In Dongziguan village, students were impressed by the delicious Chinese pastry, elegant cluster housing, immersing spring festival atmosphere, habitable environment, rich history and magnificent traditonal Chinese medicine. The students said that they had gained a lot and hoped that CNRRI would hold more activities like this in the future. Sajid Fiaz from Pakistan said, “Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest cultures based on the pillars of modesty, respect and kindness. I was much pleased and impressed by visiting Longmen ancient town and learning about Chinese history, culture and tradition.” Noushin Jahan from Bangladesh said, “The activity is a shared social experience that provides us with an opportunity to encounter and explore an ancient city of Hangzhou, China.”

During the activity, CNRRI Deputy Director General Prof. HU Peisong asked international students about their studies and lives. Besides patiently answering their questions, Prof. Hu encouraged students to seek to achieve academic excellence and learn more about Chinese culture. He hoped that these students would build bridges of friendship between China and their home country after graduation, pursuing to play their distinctive role in enhancing mutually beneficial international cooperation in the agriculture sector.

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