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CNRRI Held Dragon BoatFestival Activity for International Students

June 11st, 2019

To promote a better understanding of Chinese culture, China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI) held an educational activity themed Feel Chinese tradition through Dragon Boat Festival for international students on 7 June 2019. CNRRI’s international students and post-doctoral researchers from Asian, African and Latin American countries, their family members, CNRRI Deputy Director General Qian Qian and relevant management personnel participated in the activity.

The activity consists of five major parts including See the Dragon Boat Race, Visit Luojiazhuang Village, Roam Xixi National Westland Park, Taste Traditional Family Banquet, and Enjoy Entertaining Performance, providing participators a glimpse of the vicissitudes of Luojiazhuang Village located in Hangzhou’s Westlake District as well as the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional culture. During the activity, students visited successively the Cultural Center where important events were held by villagers, ancient teahouse, meeting hall, the Chongde Hall where lectures were given, and the Dragon Boat Exibition Hall. Besides seeing the traditional Dragon King sacrificial ceremony and the thrilling Dragon Boat race, studens also roamed Xixi National Westland Park as one of the most beautiful urban Westland Parks in China. In the evening, students enjoyed a grand family banquet of more than 350 tables with local people and watched theatrical and musical performance commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Impressed by diligence of villagers, simple and unsophisticated culture of the village, the spirit of pulling together in times of trouble as well as the natural and elegant scenery in Xixi National Westland Park, many international studens said that they were offered a great opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and tradition. “The whole day was full of happiness, friendship and warm feelings. I believe the activity can help international studens better understand the life of Chinese people and build friendships with them”, said Ph.D. candidate Sajid Fiaz from Pakistan.


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